Radio Base Station

Microwave installation and alignment


Distributed Antenna System (DAS)

In-building Solution (IBS)


Site Audit

Line of Site Survey

RF Installation

Fibre Optic Implementation

Cell on Wheel (COW) Installation


PC sales, installation and repairs

Web Technology



MINESWELL commenced operations in offering connectivity solution services. Today, MINESWELL provides a Gamut of Technology solution to the telecommunication sector and also in the information Technology sphere. Provision of enterprising solution in networking, client/server based application deployment and system integration.

MINESWELL also provides relevant advisory and consultancy services in system Assessment/Review, project management and as well as strategy evaluation services

MINESWELL provides ideas, insight, inspirations and innovations in the telecommunications and allied industries of such quality that our clients will receive superior value for their investment. This will be achieved by our determination through implementation and provision of solution fit for continuous availability, optimal performance and satisfactory returns.

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