Mineswell Technologies

MINESWELL core competence is in the provision of connectivity solution, planning and integration of RADIO BASE STATION(FIXED OR MOBILE BTS), MICROWAVE Radio Implementation, RF INSTALLATION (2G, 3G and 4G Installation), Cell-On-Wheel (COW) Deployment, AC/DC POWER Installation (AC/DC Diesel Generators, Rectifier System, Back-Up Batteries, Fuel Browser), SITE MAINTENANCE, SITE AUDIT and value-added services in both private and multinational companies in Nigeria.

We can boast of our extensive experience over the years on the successfully carried out projects.


We understand the importance of your infrastructure and the fragility of telecom service as a result we keep to professional operating standards while handling every client. You can be rest assured that we will always do the right thing.


As an ethic centered organization our jobs are consistent with our promises. When managing client’s infrastructure, we use the best standard equipment and materials to ensure that we deliver beyond our promise.

Industry standard

Mineswell Technologies ensures strict adherence to industry standards in her service deliveries. We keep to all industry regulations and best practices in our operations and we also advise our clients the same


Time is of essence in the telecom business and we take that into consideration when delivering our services. We deliver bespoke solutions at the most appropriate time.

Equipment Installation

MINESWELL provides all site base telecommunication equipment installations such base stations and microwave links on any type of structure from green fields, monopoles, rooftops and mobile sites (COW).

This includes the alignment of microwave link equipment, feeders, and tower.

Project Management & Provision

MINESWELL has the capacity and experience required to give our clients the support they need in every step during Work-In-Progress (WIP), from start to finish.

We have established and continue to refine our working process to effectively monitor the progress of the job and ensure top quality engineering solution to any challenges that our clients might face.

Our Works