About Mineswell

Mineswell Technology

We are a reliable and credible telecommunication service firm with years of experience in both the hardware and software area of  elecommunication services. Over the years we have provided bespoke support to various telecom operators and telecom service company within Nigeria. Directly and indirectly we have implemented, manage and support various telecommunication systems for Telecom operators in the country.

Our Vision

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MINESWELL TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED seeks to attain being the top telecommunication solution provider in Nigeria and Africa at large, with a resounding global relevance.

Our Mission

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MINESWELL is being driven by exceptional competitive ability and technical structure that will continually give the company a global relevance, operating within the highest level of dynamic approach in obtaining clients satisfaction.

Why Choose Us

Being a process and excellence centered company we have developed an attitude over the years of operation that make our customers trust us and our competitors love us. These are the things that stands out.


We understand the importance of your infrastructure and the fragility of telecom service as a result we keep to professional operating standards while handling every client. You can be rest assured that we will always do the right thing.


As an ethic centered organization our jobs are consistent with our promises. When managing client’s infrastructure, we use the best standard equipment and materials to ensure that we deliver beyond our promise.

Industry Standard

Mineswell Technologies ensures strict adherence to industry standards in her service deliveries. We keep to all industry regulations and best practices in our  perations and we also advise our clients the same.


Time is of essence in the telecom business and we take that into consideration when delivering our services. We deliver bespoke solutions at the most appropriate time.

Our Team

Mineswell Technologies team is an efficient combination of skill and experience. Our people have worked with various Telecom service providers across the world and have hand on experience on latest telecom hardware and software systems. We have carefully assembled a group of people who possess the right ability, experience and attitude to deliver excellence in a cost effective way.

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Plot 1017, Alao Arasi Street, Gloryland Estate, KM 12, Lag-Ibd Expressway, Arepo, Ogun State.


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