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MINESWELL TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED (MTL) is a Telecommunication and I.T Solution provider, specialized in the delivery and implementation of connectivity solutions, value added services and technology consulting services. MINESWELL TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED was established and Registered as a Nigerian Company incorporated on the 20th April, 2017 with RC1407620. MINESWELL TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED office is situated at Plot 1017 Gloryland Estate, Arepo, KM 12, Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, Ogun State with branches in Abuja and Lagos.

Mineswell Educational ICT-Based Solution

This is a solution organized and coordinated by our team of proficient tutors and technical personnel for the betterment of schools and scholars in the Basic/ Elementary and Secondary level thereby bringing them up to global standard in this fast growing world of technology. This solution is set to create a conducive and effectual learning environment with the needed tools to build up our young stars and future leaders technologically as the world advances continually.

This educational ICT-based solution entails both theoretical and practical aspects of information technology which includes but not limited to computer applications, operations, programming, software development and many more.

In the world of today, digital systems have become a critical component of our society, many activities, like business transactions, learning, research, marketing are all made with ease all over the world with the aid of Information Technology. Moreover, an academic qualification in its own is not enough to distinguish an individual in this increasingly competitive world of web and internet.

50% of the highest paying jobs of 2020 are computer analysis and software development with the figures increasing by the day. Mineswell Technologies Limited has therefore designed this solution such that young scholars are equipped right from their basic education through to secondary level with the practical knowledge and application of the fast growing digital technology.

Aims of the Educational ICT-Based Solution

  • To help schools set up and install up to date facilities and computing systems that will aid easy and practical learning.
  • To help scholars become competent, confident, responsible and critical users of ICT by making effective and efficient use of basic software and hardware in their everyday classroom activities.
  • To enable scholars develop the appropriate social skills that are essential for cooperative and collaborative learning with the use of ICT.
  • To assist young scholars to become responsible, critical and reflective users of ICT by recognizing the capabilities and limitations of the technology and its impact on the society at large.

To help learners with special needs to integrate themselves within school and in the society by increasing their independence and developing their knowledge, abilities and interests while also enabling learners take control of their own learning.

The administration of this program will be through the school management channel. The program will be executed by Mineswell Technologies Limited through the provision of experienced and qualified instructors/ technical personnel as well as the ICT facilities which is required to train the scholars, training materials necessary to ease the understanding of the students will be provided.

  • Program Schedule: The program is scheduled to be carried out twice a week. The instructors will be present in the school to discharge their duties. The school time table will be carefully analyzed in order to make available a period per class for each of the two days.
  • Hardware Maintenance: Maintenance services of the computing systems will be borne by Mineswell Technologies Limited.
  • Program Materials: In order to make learning more convenient and interesting for the scholars, training materials which may include printed images and others will be provided by MTL as part of the program package, also, a room will be provided by the school for MTL to equip with computer facilities in order to create a conducive learning environment.
  • Examination: This will be conducted in accordance with the school examination timetable. Results will be provided and scripts will be handed back to the school for record purposes. Examination questions will be made available to the school before examination schedule as the school will be responsible for reproducing copies of the questions with reference to the number of students assigned for the exam. Our scoring breakdown include:
  • Continuous Assessment: 40marks
  • Midterm test 20marks
  • Practical 20marks
  • Examination: 60marks
  • Total: 100marks
  • Prizes and Awards: Prizes and awards will be given to the best scholar of each class at the end of every session. School awards will also be given to the school represented by the best scholar which will be determined by the yearly ICT competition amongst partnered schools.
  • Fees: The school will be responsible for payment of the program fee. The fees are charged per scholar, two installments will be allowed, 60% is to be paid at the beginning of the term or latest 2nd week of resumption and the balance of 40% is to be paid by mid-term.
  • Summer School: Mineswell Technologies Limited has organized free summer school activities for partnering schools. The free program in ICT is to prepare the scholars, broaden their horizon and keep their interest in ICT intact. The summer program will come up once a week for every class involved.

In order to carry out this program successfully, MTL and the School have important roles to play and must be responsible for certain requirements:

Mineswell’s Responsibilities

  • Provision of ICT infrastructure which include computer systems, projectors, printing devices and internet.
  • Provision of tutors for comprehensive teaching.
  • Drawing up the program schedule.
  • Provision of learning materials.
  • Conduction of tests, examinations and evaluations.

The School’s Responsibilities:

  • Provision of a conducive learning environment.
  • Provision of uninterrupted power supply and electrical facilities.
  • Provision of a classroom fully equipped with ICT room furniture.
  • Assigning a supervisor to monitor and conduct the progress of the program effectively.

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