Mineswell Educational ICT-Based Solution

This is a solution organized and coordinated by our team of proficient tutors and technical personnel for the betterment of schools and scholars in the Basic/ Elementary and Secondary level thereby bringing them up to global standard in this fast growing world of technology. This solution is set to create a conducive and effectual learning environment with the needed tools to build up our young stars and future leaders technologically as the world advances continually.

This educational ICT-based solution entails both theoretical and practical aspects of information technology which includes but not limited to computer applications, operations, programming, software development and many more.

In the world of today, digital systems have become a critical component of our society, many activities, like business transactions, learning, research, marketing are all made with ease all over the world with the aid of Information Technology. Moreover, an academic qualification in its own is not enough to distinguish an individual in this increasingly competitive world of web and internet.

50% of the highest paying jobs of 2020 are computer analysis and software development with the figures increasing by the day. Mineswell Technologies Limited has therefore designed this solution such that young scholars are equipped right from their basic education through to secondary level with the practical knowledge and application of the fast growing digital technology.

Aims of the Educational ICT-Based Solution

  • To help schools set up and install up to date facilities and computing systems that will aid easy and practical learning.
  • To help scholars become competent, confident, responsible and critical users of ICT by making effective and efficient use of basic software and hardware in their everyday classroom activities.
  • To enable scholars develop the appropriate social skills that are essential for cooperative and collaborative learning with the use of ICT.
  • To assist young scholars to become responsible, critical and reflective users of ICT by recognizing the capabilities and limitations of the technology and its impact on the society at large.
  • To help learners with special needs to integrate themselves within school and in the society by increasing their independence and developing their knowledge, abilities and interests while also enabling learners take control of their own learning.

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